Our Services

In line with our ethos of sharing and learning we offer a range of services from good practice events, peer-assessments, assessor training and related activities such as staff surveys.


Members can access a variety of free assessment tools as well as receiving significant discounts on our events, training and assessment services.


Network events


Peer assessment


LondonExcellence workshops


The LondonExcellence Programme


The LondonExcellence Benchmark


The LondonExcellence Staff Survey


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Engage in a manner appropriate to your needs, experience and time:

  • join us for a free seminar and learn about the BuildingBlocks of organisational development;
  • come along to one of our networks and learn from members of our community as they share their good management practice;
  • join the celebration of excellence as you judge the most inspirational organisations and people in our community
  • learn through our structured peer assessments:
    • measure your performance against our benchmarks of business excellence and organisational maturity;
    • identify potential improvements as our experienced assessors visit you to meet your staff and share their insights;
    • train to be an assessor, sharing your own expertise with others as you gain unique insights into organisations from a range of business sectors;
  • see your performance improve as you apply what you learn;
  • be recognised for your commitment and achievements through our suite of Benchmarks and Awards;
  • become a Member of our community
    • benefit from discounts on our services
    • support our work and help us to reach a wider audience
    • allow us to provide pro-bono support for small community organisations

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