Free Workshops



  • the BuildingBlocks of organisational development; 
  • how to assess the maturity of your organisation;
  • our peer assessment process;  
  • our unique CPD opportunities for assessors.


Assessor Training 

Develop skills and knowledge that transfer into your workplace.



  • Objective, criteria based analysis and assessment;
  • Writing evidence-based, effective feedback;
  • Communication skills;
  • Team working skills.


Knowledge of:

  • Good business practice in a range of settings;
  • Different organisations and sectors;
  • Their structures, systems and working practices;
  • The fundamental concepts of excellence.


Advanced Assessor Training is provided through the LondonExcellence Programmethat not only develops your skills but delivers a comprehensive improvement plan for your business.

The LondonExcellence Programme

This five-day programme, conveniently spaced over three months, helps you develop analytical skills and produce a comprehensive improvement report for your business.

“Enlightening, powerful, uncomplicated. The result is embedded within the company as the staff own the outcome”
                                                                    VSH, Network Rail

Learn how to:

  • Plan for growth
  • Achieve alignment between existing activities
  • Improve your customer experience
  • Make the most of your resources
  • Improve employee engagement

The Programme includes a full staff survey and on-line management review.  Our pragmatic approach allows you to absorb the theory behind the EFQM Excellence Model, whilst developing a detailed improvement report for your own organisation.

Participants may progress to become assessors for the LondonExcellence Benchmark, thereby gaining valuable and unique insights into good business practice across a wide range of sectors. Please click here for more details of the Benchmark.