How to be a perfect girl every guy wants has always been one of the questions that baffled me from the very beginning. I could never figure out what I lacked in order to attract guys, or why I always seemed to end up on his “B” list. I didn’t know there was anything I was doing wrong! After years of trying to get a relationship going, I finally realized that the problem was in me.

I didn’t realize I was trying to chase after his desires instead of following mine. I thought that being perfect would make a guy fall in love with me right away. Little did I know that being “perfect” is a lousy way to attract a guy. What I found out was that I needed to change my attitude about myself in order to become the “perfect girl every guy wants”.

There are two types of girls out there. There are the ones who believe that everything starts with beauty and then work their way up. Then there are girls who think they are in complete control of their beauty. These are the type of girls every guy absolutely desires. Here is the real secret to how to be a perfect girl every guy wants:

I don’t think anyone needs reminding about their flaws, but guys do need to appreciate them. Women are just as guilty of their own mistakes as men are. If you can accept your flaws and let them go, you will find it much easier to attract great guys. That is why no girl should feel superior to another.

Women are so quick to forgive small mistakes they make. However, when a woman makes a huge mistake, like letting herself fall for a guy who is thirty years older than she is, they don’t forgive her and they become immediately suspicious. A perfect girl acts with confidence and trust. She doesn’t need to prove anything to anyone. She lets herself be drawn to men because she feels confident that she is in control of her destiny.

A perfect girl is honest and loyal. She will never try to lie to you or play you for a fool. Men absolutely have to want to be with a perfect girl if they are going to give her the time of day. This is a quality every man should possess.

It’s also extremely important to be honest with yourself. If you are trying to attract a guy and he asks you about your family and you tell him you don’t know them, he is not interested in you. However, if you tell him that your husband works with an insurance firm and your kids were just born a couple of months ago, he is going to take you very seriously. If you want to be a perfect girl every guy wants to be with, you have to be honest with yourself about the truth.

Another great tip on how to be a perfect girl every guy likes to have is to always be looking your best for your man. She will be incredibly impressed when she walks into the room and sees you looking your best. She will also assume that you care about what you look like and feel and that is very attractive. Many women assume that men care less about their looks and more about what turns them on, but this simply isn’t true. Be confident and you will exude self-confidence and your body language will speak volumes.